SME Foundation Donor Spotlight

We thank Komatsu, one of our valued Corporate Roundtable Partners, for their
generous donation of $25K to the Minerals Education Coalition Fund 

Thank you to our most recent donors:

AIPG - $4,000 to the Ernest K. Lehmann Memorial Scholarship Fund
Robert Filler - $2,000 to the SME Foundation General Fund
Jaak Daemen - $400 to the SME Foundation General Fund
Christopher Cooney - $250 to ABET
Joseph Carrabba - $180 to the SME Foundation General Fund

The SME Foundation is grateful for the support from all of our donors.

To see a list of all Donors and Sponsors from 2021, click here!

We THANK our 2023 MINEXCHANGE Annual Conference Sponsors:

Gala Dinner Sponsor:

First Majestic Silver Corp.

Gala Dinner Wine Sponsor:


Gala Dinner Cocktail Reception Sponsor:

Gala After-Dinner Reception Sponsor:

Gala Dinner Door Prize Sponsor:

As a 501(c)3 non-profit, the Mission of the SME Foundation is to be the source of funding for education and outreach to SME and the community it serves.


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