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A day in the life of the SME Foundation: Beautiful Wind Turbines

By AnnMarie Estrada posted 06-10-2016 06:08 PM


I just returned from taking my middle daughter to San Antonio, TX.  She will be studying at the University of Texas to obtain her Master's Degree as a Physician Assistant.  The drive to San Antonio took 17 hours and we made the trip in one day.  What a wonderful experience to spend such quality time with an adult child. We talked, read magazines, sang off tune to our favorite country music and commented about the scenery. Basically there is an abundance of two things between Parker, Colorado and San Antonio, Texas – Cows and Wind Turbines.  My daughter was fascinated by the wind turbines.  She took more pictures of them than anything else along the way.  She commented, “They are so beautiful!”

Beautiful?  Well, I don’t know about that.  But I definitely have my own opinions about wind turbines.  The resources that have to be mined to build them are incredible and the fact that they take up so much land permanently is also troubling to me.  There is no reclamation plan.  I am always so impressed with the reclamation that is done when a coal mine or hard rock mine is completed.  With wind turbines, what you have is wind turbines forever.  I stood on my soapbox and went into great detail about all that goes into the entire process (the process I learned from the Minerals Education Coalition of SME).  She did find it fascinating and admitted that she really had never given much thought.  I imagine most people don’t give it much thought; they just admire the beautiful wind turbines.

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