SMEF Leadership

The SME Foundation Board of Trustees

Steven C. Holmes
SMEF President
Thomas C. Rauch
SMEF President-Elect
Mary B. Korpi
SMEF Past President
Andrew P. Cole
Vice President of Finance
Michael T. Myers
Individual Fundraising Officer
William W. Edgerton
SME Past President
David L. Kanagy
Megan S. Martin
SMEF Staff

Gregory A. Beckstrom, Member
Joseph M. Driscoll, Member
C. Dale Elifrits, Member
Matthew D. Furniss, Member
J. Steven Gardner, Member
Shaun P. Graber, Member

Peter M. Haarala, Member
Gregory E. Hinshaw, Member

Jaisen N. Kohmuench, Member
Kurt D. Kost, Member

Matthew D. Lengerich, Member
Drew A. Meyer, Member


John N. Murphy, Member
Ryan M. Murray, Member
Jill R. Nelson, Member
Joshua F. Olmsted, Member
Michael W. Patton, Member
 J. Eric Shereda, Member
Sudhanshu Singh, Member
George A. Sturgis, Jr., Member
Kathleen M. Tew, Member
Robert V. Washnock, Member
William H. Wilkinson, Member
SME Foundation Committees
SME Foundation Corporate Giving Committee
SME Foundation Individual Fundraising Committee
SME Foundation Miners Give Back Committee
SME Foundation Nominating Committee
SME Foundation Scholarship Committee
Minerals Education Coalition (MEC) Committee
MEC Awards Sub-Committee
MMSA/SMEF Presidential Scholarship Committee

The Foundation Board of Trustees shall have and exercise, on behalf of the Foundation, all rights powers, and privileges granted to the Society as a not-for-profit organization organized under the laws of Colorado in the carrying out of the purposes set forth in the Articles of Incorporation.

The standing committees shall be appointed by the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees may from time to time, establish, maintain, and conclude such additional standing committees.

The Board of Trustees is empowered to establish additional units of the Foundation (e.g., councils, conferences).

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